Passionate about human functioning, certified Master-Practitioner in NLP (IFPNL Paris), Master-Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Humanistic Hypnosis (IFHE Paris), I’ve always wanted a meaningful job that helps people change their life and tap into their potential of success, joy and love.

After I graduated Law School and spent a few years searching for a professional career that would really suits me, I started to study NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)

I loved so much all these pragmatic tools and the optimistic philosophy that goes with them that I decided to become a life coach in order to share with others these amazingly simple, yet super efficient life changing techniques.

In the logic line, I got fully trained in hypnosis in order to have more impact and help my clients to heal the unconscious emotional traumas that cause all the suffering and failures in our lives. Hypnosis allows us to get rid of all that is blocking us inside and all that prevents us to be happy and successful.

My mission is to share with you this optimistic vision of life and human being, help you achieve your personal and professional goals, and improve your relationships. So you can become a lighter, brighter, happier version of yourself and achieve your dreams.

Languages: French native, Fluent English, intermediate Russian

My Values : Kindness, Humor, Efficency

My mantra : “No problems, only solutions !”

My favorite funny quote: “If it does not bring you energy, inspiration or orgasm, it does not belong in your life”



Coaching is a personalized support for change and improvement of your skills and gain of efficiency in any field : work, personal and love life, sports, arts, learning, communication…

Coaching allows you to solve problems way much faster and easier with an optimistic, solution oriented and technical approach.

NLP is a method to clarify your goals and to achieve them by understanding how the human brain is functioning. It helps you get rid of your mental blocks and fears and optimize your ressources and success strategies. It is the best tool set for business and professional coaching.

Hypnosis helps you free yourself from what’s keeping you from achieving your goals when the intellectual understanding of a problem isn’t enough to solve it and you have inner resistance. There are some things we can’t change by ourselves despite all our efforts and good will (like quitting smoking or worrying). Hypnosis puts your Unconscious mind at your service for your success and well being.

Humanistic hypnosis is a new form of hypnosis particularly efficient yet respectful of your free will. In this special type of modified state, you are not dissociated, you keep control at all moments. You become “super conscious”, more aware and ready to change at a deeper level.

This is a more holistic and spiritual approach. The work is done through symbolic visualization techniques. You really transform yourself or more accurately, you become yourself at core, your genuine higher self, the best version you are inside already. You get rid of all negative programs and patterns that cause you repeated failure and emotional suffering. You clean up your vibrations, unleash your full potential and become the creator of your life !



– Improve your self confidence and self esteem

– Improve your relationships at home or at work

– End repetitive failure and self sabotage in your love life or success

– Become more assertive and set boundaries, especially with toxic and manipulative persons

– Manage stress and anxiety

– Professional efficiency, career management, orientation, business coaching…

– Manage your emotions and turn them into your allies

– Mental preparation for exams, competitions, job interview, public speech, date…

– Free yourself from addictions and compulsive behaviors (cigarettes, alcohol, eating disorders, shopping…)

– Get back to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy weight and maintain it

– Phobias, shocks, traumas, post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

….And of course self improvement and spiritual growth 🙂